Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Satanispiritus/Lady of The Moon 

Before Roky Erickson was standing for the fire demon, before Jinx Dawson was stripping on the altar for unlawful carnal knowledge and long before current occult rockers such as Ghost and The Devil's Blood were even a gleam in Lucifer's radiant eye...the unknown soldiers of ASTAROTH were taking the cloven hoof to the streets! UNSEEN FORCES is proud to announce the extremely limited reissue of the elusive and only known recording by this mysterious late 1960's Motor City proto-street metal ensemble. Original pressings command hundreds of dollars online and UNSEEN FORCES is committed to returning these righteous hymns to where they belong in an affordable and beautiful format. Two incredibly powerful offerings of Goetic psychedelia lovingly remastered for 7" 45rpm vinyl and charged with the sigil of Astaroth and her corresponding color attributes. The return of TRUE Occult Street Metal Magic is here!  Limited to 500!  SOLD OUT!

US pp $6.66
Canada pp $8
Mexico pp $9
Everywhere else pp $11

Friday, October 14, 2011


Self Titled

The devastating debut LP from Portland City's true funeral cult is available again after the initial pressing sold out in 4 days!  Pressed to 12" 180 gram vinyl (45 rpm) with lyric insert and full-color cover artwork by Chanel Adair (Atrocious Madness, Lebenden Toten)  Don't sleep on it this time!  We have no plans to re-press again.  Paypal to unseenforces666@gmail.com

$14 ppd US
$17 ppd Can/Mex
European customers are encouraged to order from our comrades at CLEAR SPOT.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


None Escape

Prepare yourself for a kinky blast of vintage volcanic rock! THE LAW was an esoteric "power trio" comprised of former Source Family initiates (think Father Yod and Ya Ho Wa 13) formed in 1979 on a remote ranch in the foothills of Hawaii. The band relocated to Los Angeles in 1983 where they hit the strip and independently released this sole full-length recording before abruptly vanishing in a cloud of leather, spandex, studs and shurikens. Originally limited to 4,000 copies (so the band insists), this heavy slab has been fully remastered with the cooperation of original members and Source Family historian Isis Aquarian. Alternately sleazy and spiritual, mystic and profane, None Escape is the real deal. A lost gem from the early 1980's heavy metal crown has finally been restored!  180 gram vinyl with lyrics and liner notes by founding member Peter Tobin.  Limited to 500!

Paypal to unseenforces666@gmail.com

  • $17 ppd US
  • $25 ppd Can
  • $29 ppd Mex

European customers are encouraged to order from our comrades at CLEAR SPOT and HIGH ROLLER RECORDS.

Enjoy this slinking Dionysian tease:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Thank you to all who ordered and supported UNSEEN FORCES 002. The DEATHCHARGE LP is no longer available.  We do intend to repress in the coming weeks and will post information for advanced wholesale orders shortly.  In the meantime, the record is still available through several worthy North American and Japanese distributors. A little digging should yield results.  Europeans are encouraged to contact CLEAR SPOT to order UNSEEN FORCES releases.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Self Titled

The devastating debut LP from Portland City's true funeral cult!  Pressed to 12" 180 gram vinyl (45 rpm) with lyric insert and full-color cover artwork by Chanel Adair (Atrocious Madness, Lebenden Toten).  Paypal to unseenforces666@gmail.com

$14 ppd US
$17 ppd Can/Mex
$25 ppd Elsewhere

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


We are pleased to unleash a modest sample from the forthcoming DEATHCHARGE record:

Sunday, July 17, 2011


The highly anticipated DEATHCHARGE full-length is on schedule for a late summer release.  UNSEEN FORCES is now accepting wholesale pre-orders of 10 copies or more.  To reserve copies now please contact us directly at unseenforces666@gmail.com

Friday, July 1, 2011


We are pleased to unveil Chanel Adair's spectacular new artwork for the debut DEATHCHARGE LP.  The original painting is currently on display at Black Water in Portland, Oregon through July 8, 2011 as part of the CUT & PASTED // BURNED & WASTED exhibition so if you reside in the Northwest come out for the closing reception next Friday.  Vinyl goes to press this month and we will soon be offering wholesale pre-orders here.

DEATHCHARGE captured live June 23, 2011:

"Love was born to an early death..."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


The hangman emerges from a fog of transcendental death as DEATHCHARGE declare their arrival.  UNSEEN FORCES is proud to announce the devastating debut LP from Portland, Oregon's longest-running tribal punk anomalies.  DEATHCHARGE has lurked in the shadows of the underground in one form or another for more than a decade with few releases, little internet presence and no aspirations to conform.  This cycle of bleak end time hymns sees them marching beyond mere Discharge violence into a disorienting and absolutely oppressive realm of textured dissonance and spiritual decay. Destined to resonate with disciples of such disparate influences as early Christian Death, Killing Joke, Antisect and Amebix.  Featuring original cover art by Chanel Adair (Atrocious Madness, Lebenden Toten), UF002 is scheduled for a late summer release.  Updates and ordering info coming soon...    

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Thank you to all who ordered and supported UNSEEN FORCES 001. The Christian Mistress demo 12" is no longer available.

Next invocation coming soon...

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Thank you to all who ordered the Christian Mistress demo 12" and supported the arrival of UNSEEN FORCES! The limited pressing of 350 was unveiled on April 1 and we are now down to our final 13 copies. This is your last opportunity to order this beautiful record at a reasonable cost before they begin appearing online at "collector" prices. Order now or forever hold your piece...

Christian Mistress is a modern American Heavy Metal band hailing from the rainswept streets of Olympia, Washington in the Pacific Northwest. Formed in 2007 and quickly gaining international underground acclaim for their incendiary 2009 demo and 7" single, the band signed to 20 Buck Spin for their debut LP Agony & Opium- one of the most enjoyable 20+ minute vinyl slabs since Reign In Blood, for altogether different reasons- and now their 2009 demo is available on 12" vinyl with all new artwork and hand screened covers! Live Christian Mistress performances are atavistic communions of denim and sweat invoked in the Marshall temple. Do you remember when music was a ritual of raw passion and electrical amplification was the shrine? These soulful disciples offer up timeless headbanging anthems that do not look back with irony or pretense but boldly march in reverse toward the future. Lazy journalists will inevitably employ meaningless NWOBHM and false "retro" comparisons. But they have only lost the way and forgotten the path back to the electric altar. Do you remember? Electricity is King. All hail the 'MISTRESS!
~Dennis Dread
May 1, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011


Demo 12"

The debut 2009 Christian Mistress demo recording remixed and re-mastered for vinyl by Golden, featuring beautiful hand-screened two color sleeve and lyric sheet insert. All new artwork provided by vocalist Christine Davis. Strictly limited to 350. Paypal to unseenforces666@gmail.com

$18 ppd US
$23 ppd Can/Mex
$30 ppd Elsewhere

"Here is a band so unassuming and sincere they've sprouted virtually unnoticed in the nethershadows of the Northwest- with absolutely no hype and no gimmicks- like a glorious magical mushroom in a compost heap of musical dung. Double lead guitar harmonies, rock steady percussion and a strong female throat conjure the ancient headbanging spirit of Acid, Merciful Fate, Thin Lizzy and Sin After Sin-era Judas Priest. Aside from boasting four of the most unforgettable songs of 2009, this modest demo gracefully heralds the arrival of the 'Mistress without spiraling into a tedious exercise in self-indulgent wankery. Pop this in the tape deck next time you head out to the highway. I guarantee you'll be flipping the bitch until you arrive at your destination. ROCK HARD, RIDE FREE!"
~Dennis Dread (2009)