Sunday, May 1, 2011


Thank you to all who ordered the Christian Mistress demo 12" and supported the arrival of UNSEEN FORCES! The limited pressing of 350 was unveiled on April 1 and we are now down to our final 13 copies. This is your last opportunity to order this beautiful record at a reasonable cost before they begin appearing online at "collector" prices. Order now or forever hold your piece...

Christian Mistress is a modern American Heavy Metal band hailing from the rainswept streets of Olympia, Washington in the Pacific Northwest. Formed in 2007 and quickly gaining international underground acclaim for their incendiary 2009 demo and 7" single, the band signed to 20 Buck Spin for their debut LP Agony & Opium- one of the most enjoyable 20+ minute vinyl slabs since Reign In Blood, for altogether different reasons- and now their 2009 demo is available on 12" vinyl with all new artwork and hand screened covers! Live Christian Mistress performances are atavistic communions of denim and sweat invoked in the Marshall temple. Do you remember when music was a ritual of raw passion and electrical amplification was the shrine? These soulful disciples offer up timeless headbanging anthems that do not look back with irony or pretense but boldly march in reverse toward the future. Lazy journalists will inevitably employ meaningless NWOBHM and false "retro" comparisons. But they have only lost the way and forgotten the path back to the electric altar. Do you remember? Electricity is King. All hail the 'MISTRESS!
~Dennis Dread
May 1, 2011

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